In an effort to provide additional affordable natural gas to utility companies in the Northwest Georgia region, the Williams infrastructure company has recently started construction on the Dalton Expansion Project, according to company spokesperson Chris Stockton.

Per the Williams’ website, Dalton Expansion Project will “involve the construction of a new pipeline lateral connecting Williams’ existing Transco natural gas pipeline to an existing electric generating facility in northern Georgia operated by Oglethorpe Power Corp. as well as a local distribution company operated by Atlanta Gas Light Company and the municipality of Cartersville, Georgia.”

The new pipeline extension, which will be composed of steel piping that ranges from 16 to 30 inches in diameter, is projected to stretch over a distance of around 115 miles. It is expected to link to the existing Transco line that has been supplying natural gas to the area for many years, and transport the gas to new delivery points in Paulding County and Murray County.


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