The shipping industry plays a crucial role in the running of the global economy and like any major sector, it has an environmental impact and In 2012, international shipping was responsible for an estimated 796 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The ship the Viking Grace uses an innovative sail system, a 24-meter-tall cylindrical rotor that relies on something called the “Magnus Effect”. The ship is the first passenger ship of its size to run on sulphur-free liquefied natural gas.

Altogether, these new innovations and ideas are helping to reduce the ship’s environmental impact. Kaj Takolander, vice president and head of sales and marketing at Viking Line, told CNBC’s  “Our decision to test this technology is based on… simulations that show that we can save up to 300 tons of fuel,” , “meaning we can cut CO2 emissions (by) 900 tons a year.”

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