Growth in the energy industry can put millions of men and women to work, power U.S economic growth, make our nation energy independent and build a foundation to slow global warming. LIUNA members are building our energy future and LIUNA is a respected, proud and powerful advocates for responsible energy development

Clean power progress is a campaign to educate Americans about the most practical and cost-effective path to a cleaner energy future. Our mission is to advance responsible policies that reduce greenhouse emissions and reach the climate change goals advanced in the Clean Power Plan.

We believe our natural gas infrastructure can be expanded by highly-trained workers to power homes and businesses safely, reliably and affordably.

Founded by the workers of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA!), Clean Power Progress works to educate public advocates on the expansion of natural gas as part of a comprehensive approach to meeting state clean energy needs. Natural gas makes sense as a dependable energy solution, and makes large-scale deployment of renewables more reliable, bringing the nation closer to reaching clean energy targets through lowered emissions.

We invite you to learn more about Clean Power Progress by reviewing the information on this website, designed to fuel a realistic, fact-based conversation supporting smart energy policy to power our communities.

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