LIUNA has been on the forefront of supporting climate change legislation with setting carbon reduction targets. At the forefront of this work is our Clean Energy Workers.

Clean energy workers such as Andy Ward and Jennifer Washney talk to us about their experiences as natural gas workers and how proud they are to bring clean energy to Virginia. Andy talks about how the Natural Gas pipelines have helped reduce energy related carbon emissions by 14% since 2005 and how this is only going to increase with more construction builds using natural gas.

Andy also talks about how these Natural Gas projects are bringing in thousands of jobs to the community and to local LIUNA sites. He urges viewers to support clean, natural and job creating programs like the natural Gas Pipeline he is working on in Virginia.

Jennifer is based in Pennsylvania near the pipeline so is a member of the local community and she says one of the big reasons she got involved is because she is committed to improving the environment and she also knew how much money it would bring in for the economy.

You can watch our LIUNA members talk about their experiences hereĀ

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