After years of advocacy from landowners, public officials, regulators and other stakeholders, the Federal Regulatory Commission has approved the pipeline.

Anthony Cox, Chair of the PennEast Pipeline Company has commented on how much of a victory this is for New Jersey families and businesses. He commented, “They will reap the benefits of accessing one of the most affordable and abundant supplies of natural gas in all of North America. PennEast will lower gas and electricity costs, increase reliability, improve air quality, and make the region more competitive for jobs in the coming decades.”

The pipeline will run for 120 miles and link with the transcontinental pipeline near Pennington and around 90% of the natural gas is slated to move through the PennEast pipeline. This will be contracted with local area gas utility companies and electric power generators that serve local customers such as New Jersey Natural Gas, South Jersey Gas, Elizabethtown Gas, PSEG Power etc.

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