The Belden Brick Co., where I’m fortunate to be a fifth-generation employee, is the nation’s largest family-owned brick company. In South Windsor, our Redland Brick KF plant has made the building blocks for homes, schools, churches, hospitals and more.

We hope to continue operating here for a long time. For a manufacturing company like ours, however, energy costs have an enormous influence on profitability. Every dollar we spend on unnecessarily high costs is one less dollar to give our employees or expand our facilities. Unfortunately, some policy-makers don’t quite understand this.

Connecticut energy officials recently decided against bringing in more natural gas to help meet demand. This happened despite warnings that our region’s pipeline system can’t meet growing demand.

In fact, the grid manager, ISO New England, says that the region’s power system is “in a precarious position during extended periods of cold” and will remain that way until “infrastructure is expanded to meet the demand” for natural gas.


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